Liquid immersed transformer

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Suion's quality products provide users with many economic, environmental and safety benefits, including reduced transformer weight, reduced size, reduced use of fluids such as transformer oil, improved safety, reduced flammability, and increased transformers. Capacity and reduction of energy loss, etc. The following quality products can be applied to liquid immersed transformers:

ApplicationApplied Materials
Enameled wireMIKI Isulation Paper、NOMEX®T910
Interlayer insulationDispensing paper Soflex®BT
Oil channelNOMEX® Insulating workpiece
Insulation cylinderFR-4

Suion Insulation

Founded in Hong Kong in 1986, currently has five branches in China;

DuPont China and Hong Kong distributor;

Acting brands are: DuPont, Axal, Renazhi, Toyo Express, Kejibi, etc.;

In 2003, the company registered the SOFLEX® trademark and developed and produced products such as NHN.

A Hong Kong-funded high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service.

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