Small low voltage motor

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Using Suion's high-quality insulation materials and insulating parts, it can effectively enhance the insulation performance of small low-voltage motors, improve product tolerance and product quality, and at the same time effectively reduce production costs.


Applied material

Slot insulation, layer insulation, phase insulation

Suion SOFLEX®, DuPont NOMEX®, DuPont Teijin MYLAR®, DuPont Teijin MELINEX®, Toyo FP

Trench insulation

Suion SOFLEX®, Toyo Express, DuPont Teijin MYLAR®, fiberglass board, bakelite

End insulation

Toyo, Miki Special Insulation Cardboard

Lead wire insulation

RELATS Insulation Sleeve, spiral insulated casing

Electromagnetic wire insulation

DuPont NOMEX®, DuPont KAPTON®, DuPont Teijin MYLAR®

Gaskets, meson

DuPont Teijin MYLAR, Syndyn® Laminate, Victrex PEEK, Molybdenum Nylon

Carbon brush holder

Syndyn® Laminate

Insulating paint

DuPont Voltatex®

Suion Insulation

Founded in Hong Kong in 1986, currently has five branches in China;

DuPont China and Hong Kong distributor;

Acting brands are: DuPont, Axal, Renazhi, Toyo Express, Kejibi, etc.;

In 2003, the company registered the SOFLEX® trademark and developed and produced products such as NHN.

A Hong Kong-funded high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service.

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